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  • Material: The strainer basket is made of durable, food-grade plastic, which is safe for use with food and easy to clean.
  • Diameter: With a diameter of 25 centimeters, this strainer basket is considered a medium-sized option. The size is suitable for straining or draining moderate quantities of food items.
  • Perforations or Mesh: The basket is designed with evenly spaced perforations or a mesh-like pattern, allowing liquid to drain out while holding the solid contents inside. The perforations or mesh are typically small enough to prevent food particles from escaping.
  • Handles: The strainer basket may feature handles or grips on opposite sides for convenient handling and stability. These handles are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip while straining or transferring food.
  • Versatility: The 25-centimeter strainer basket is versatile and can be used for various kitchen tasks. It is suitable for draining pasta, rinsing fruits and vegetables, straining broth or sauces, and other similar tasks.