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A measuring jug is a kitchen utensil used to accurately measure and dispense specific volumes of liquid or dry ingredients. It is typically made of transparent or semi-transparent material, such as glass or plastic allowing users to see the contents and the measurement markings clearly.

Measuring jugs are usually marked with volume graduations, such as ounces, milliliters, cups, and fluid ounces. These markings help users accurately measure the desired quantity of the ingredient.

A measuring jug has a spout or lip designed to make pouring liquids more controlled and precise. This spout minimizes spills and allows for easy pouring into other containers or mixing bowls. Measuring jugs typically have a handle to provide a secure grip and help users pour the contents smoothly.

Measuring jugs are an essential tool in cooking and baking because they allow for accurate measurement of both wet and dry ingredients, ensuring that recipes turn out as intended. Whether you’re measuring water, milk, flour, sugar, or any other ingredient, a measuring jug simplifies the process and promotes consistency in your cooking and baking endeavors.