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Unscented pantyliners are feminine hygiene products designed for everyday use. They are thin, absorbent pads that are worn inside underwear to provide a degree of protection against light menstrual flow, spotting, or daily vaginal discharge. Pantyliners are designed to absorb moisture and help keep you feeling dry throughout the day. They are not intended for heavy menstrual flow but are ideal for light flow days or as a backup when using tampons or menstrual cups.

Unscented pantyliners are typically very thin, making them discreet and comfortable to wear. They are not bulky and can easily be concealed under underwear without being noticeable. Most pantyliners have an adhesive backing that sticks to the inside of your underwear, ensuring that they stay in place throughout the day.

Many people use unscented pantyliners for everyday freshness. They can help absorb vaginal discharge and keep you feeling clean and dry. Pantyliners are easy to carry in your purse or bag, making them convenient for travel or unexpected situations.