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A baby feeding cup with a handle is a specialized drinking container designed for infants and young children who are transitioning from bottle or breast feeding to drinking from a cup. It is designed to be easy for babies to hold and use independently, promoting their self-feeding skills and hand-eye coordination.

The feeding cup typically consists of a small cup-shaped container with a handle attached to the side. The handle is designed to be grasped by the baby’s small hands, allowing them to hold the cup securely and bring it to their mouth for drinking. The cup may have a spout or a small opening to facilitate controlled flow of liquid.

The purpose of using a baby feeding cup with a handle is to introduce babies to drinking from a regular cup, encouraging them to transition from sucking on a bottle or nipple to using their lips and tongue to sip from a cup. It helps them develop the necessary oral motor skills for drinking independently and prepares them for the eventual transition to drinking from an open cup.