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A baby feeding bottle is a specially designed container used for feeding infants and young children. It is typically made of plastic or glass and consists of several components that work together to facilitate safe and convenient feeding.

  1. Bottle: The main part of the feeding bottle is the container itself. It has a cylindrical shape with a wide opening at the top for filling with liquid. The bottle is available in different sizes to accommodate various amounts of formula or breast milk.
  2. Nipple: The nipple is a replaceable component that is attached to the bottle. It mimics the shape and texture of a mother’s nipple, allowing the baby to latch onto it and suckle. Nipples come in different sizes and shapes to suit the baby’s age and feeding preferences.
  3. Collar and Cap: The collar is a threaded ring that screws onto the bottle to secure the nipple in place. It holds the nipple firmly and prevents leakage during feeding. The cap covers the nipple when not in use, keeping it clean and protected.