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A baby bowl made of melamine is a small, shallow dish with a curved shape. It is usually round or oval in design, with lenght ranging from 14CM. The bowl features a smooth interior surface that is easy to clean and has a glossy finish.

One of the notable characteristics of melamine is its vibrant and colorful appearance. Baby bowls made of melamine often come in a variety of bright colors and may feature cute and appealing designs or patterns that are appealing to young children. These designs can include popular cartoon characters, animals, or playful motifs.

Melamine baby bowls are designed to be practical and user-friendly. They typically have a wide and stable base to prevent tipping and spilling, ensuring that the food stays contained during mealtime.

Some baby bowls may also include a suction cup at the bottom to secure them to the high chair tray or table, further reducing the chance of accidental spills.