A5 Loyalty Customer Terms and Conditions





  • You may be required to submit your valid South African ID (or for Non-South African Citizens Passport Number) to register, to change your details or manage your Loyalty Customer Card.


  • By providing A5 Group Holdings (Pty), (“A5”) Limited with your personal information, you give A5 permission to send you information regarding its Loyalty Customer program and other promotions via, social media, telephone, mobile, email, post, mail and/or hand delivery.


  • The Loyalty Customer Card is issued by and remains the property of A5, its subsidiary or associated companies. A5 reserves the right to decline, issue and withdraw the Loyalty Customer card or program at any time.    


  • By providing A5 with your personal information and by opting into communications, you give A5 permission to send you information regarding its Loyalty Customer program and all other A5 promotions, competitions and other advertising, via social media, mobile, telephone, email, post, mail and hand delivery.


  • A valid South African registered cell phone number and email address will be required from each holder of a Loyalty Customer card for all communications. No communication will be sent to phone numbers outside South Africa.


  • Should you wish to opt-out of the Loyalty Customer Program or marketing and communication, please contact A5 Call Centre on 087 057 1022 or via email to online@a-5.co.za



2.1          The A5 Loyalty card is issued by and remains the property of the A5 Group or any of its subsidiary or associated companies. A5 reserves the right to decline, issue, re-issue and withdraw the Loyalty card at any time.

2.2          The A5 Loyalty card, any benefits derived therefrom are not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash and under no circumstances will any credit balance be given as cash.


2.3          For all lost, stolen or defaced cards, contact your Customer Service Manager in-store for assistance, or the A5 Call Centre 087 057 1022. You can instruct us in writing to online@a-5.co.za to block/deactivate your lost, stolen or defaced card and request a new card.


2.4          It is your responsibility to safeguard your Loyalty Card, username and password profile and any personal details and ensure that it is not divulged to anybody else. In the event of someone else using your card, username and password to obtain any benefit, make changes to your profile or transact on your behalf, you will be held responsible for the changes and the outcome thereof.


2.5          Customers may only have 1 (one) active Loyalty card, which is linked to 1 (one) Loyalty Customers profile. All other associated Loyalty cards will be de-activated.


2.6          Loyalty benefits attached to the lost/blocked/defaced card and profile, may be transferred to your new card. If the benefits attached to the card have been redeemed in-store before the card is blocked, there can be no recovery of Loyalty benefits.


2.7          A5 shall not be held liable for the loss of any Loyalty cards or benefits.




3.1          To earn Loyalty benefits for/on transactions, the customer must present their A5 Loyalty card at any A5 retail stores or online points of sale, alternatively may use their cellphone number that is linked to the Loyalty Customer Profile, in order for the transactions to be recorded and benefits received, if any.


3.2          The customer must ensure that their A5 Loyalty card details have been captured for all their online shopping transactions, in order to receive benefits, if any, for those transactions.


3.3          You can obtain a Loyalty Card from your nearest A5 store or on the A5 online store, subject to availability.


3.4          Loyalty benefits shall be at the sole discretion of A5.


3.5          A5 reserves the right to change, limit, amend or cancel the Loyalty benefits, number of the same items purchased or the allocation thereof as well as all or any offering to customers from time to time. All changes shall become effective as from the date specified in such communication.


3.6          Loyalty Customers will not get discounts on, money transfers, third party services and payments which include, but are not limited to electricity, pension payments and/or airtime. A5 reserves the right at any time to exempt/include certain products from the Loyalty programme, at its sole discretion.


3.7          In the event of a dispute regarding the A5 Loyalty Program and the implementation or interpretation of these terms and conditions (including but not limited to the determination of Eligible Transactions), the decision of A5 shall be final and binding.




4.1          You will be able to use your Loyalty Card, in-store or online, to benefit from any Loyalty Customer delas that may exist at the time.

4.2          A5 reserves the right to change the benefit of Loyalty discounts and deals at its discretion. A5 will notify their Loyalty customers in advance if such a change should occur. 

4.3          A5 reserves the right to close any Loyalty account that has been inactive (no Loyalty points earned) for a period of 12 consecutive months.

4.4          Loyalty discounts for transactions where goods are later returned will be subject to the A5 returns policy.

4.5          In the event of a technical, system(s) or network failure as well as system upgrades, Loyalty discounts or deals will not be processed and/or issued retrospectively.


4.6          If a customer has been targeted for a promotion that requires them to spend the minimum amount to get a discount, a customer will only get the benefit if the total value after discounts meets the minimum threshold required. 


4.7          Where a customer participates in an in-store promotion that requires them to spend the minimum amount to get a discount, a customer will only get the reward if the total value after discounts meets the minimum threshold required.






5.1          A5 reserves the right to alter or change operational conditions of the Loyalty Customer program or to terminate it at any point.

5.2          By swiping or using you Loyalty Card, the Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions herein. Should you wish to opt-out of the of the Loyalty program, please call 087 057 1022 or email online@a-5.co.za

5.3          Any abuse/fraud or mis-use whatsoever of the A5 Loyalty card/program or system by any person may constitute a criminal offence and A5 reserves the right to cancel such person’s membership.


5.4          Incorrect or invalid cards or card numbers will not be granted Loyalty benefits.


5.5          Being a registered member of the A5 Loyalty program and having swiped or used your card amounts to and irrevocably signifies your agreement to the above Terms and Conditions.


5.6          A5, its subsidiaries, organisers, promoters, partners or agencies do not bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, accident, and death or damage howsoever arising from inclusion or participation in the Loyalty program.